About Us

Welcome to our practice.

We would like to welcome you to our practice. As spine specialists we are committed to finding a treatment and management plan best suited to your underlying medical condition. We are going to enlist you as active participants in your care and long-term treatment.

Looking for a Quick Fix.

In our fast paced society, we often are impatient and look for the quick fix solution: a pill to take, or surgery to take care of the problem. However, spine related disorders are akin to cardiac conditions in that both are chronic diseases requiring considerable patient motivation as well as physician guidance and treatment for an optimal outcome. While a cardiac stent or bypass may alleviate chest pain and heart damage, patients are often called upon to reduce weight and blood pressure, exercise and lower their cholesterol to control heart disease. Cardiac stenting or bypass without lifestyle changes leads to a less optimal result.

Spine Care Requires a Lifestyle Commitment.

Similarly, spine care requires a lifestyle commitment. While a spinal injection, procedure or surgery can be beneficial, not maintaining a spinal muscle strength, and flexibility, or use of good body mechanics can increase your likelihood of future problems. It is well known that one spinal surgery increases your likelihood of having a second spinal surgery in 10 years. Improving spinal muscle strength and flexibility will allow you to improve your function for daily and recreational activities. As your endurance improves your pain level can also improve. Increased muscle strength can better support an area of the spine that is injured or developing degenerative changes.

What to Expect at your Appointment.

Your physician will assess your condition, order and review needed studies, recommend medication, physical therapy, exercise, spinal injections, and when necessary suggest surgery to find an optimal outcome for you. Treatment will often require a comprehensive approach encompassing many of these elements including the development of and following an independent exercise program. Adhering to your specific program developed in physical therapy will allow you to actively control and improve your spinal health and function over the long term.